Coming Soon: Sonny Tannan’s Through the Eyes of Om: Exploring Malaysia

Through the Eyes of Om: Exploring MalaysiaThrough the Eyes of Om: Exploring Malaysia, written by Sonny Tannan and illustrated by Agus Prajoro, is a sweet story told from the perspective of Om, a young boy with light-brown skin and big brown eyes. Om’s going on his first trip to Malaysia, his mother’s native country, where he will meet his grandparents and other family members for the first time.

Readers learn lots of fun facts about Malaysia, including customs for greeting elders, famous monuments, and basic geography. Prajoro does a lovely job creating vibrant images of clothes, food, and places.

Children need books that represent diverse people, cultures, places, and experiences. Whether young readers see the familiar through Om’s eyes or are exposed to a new culture and family situation, this is a lovely and accessible book they are sure to enjoy.

I recommend Through the Eyes of Om: Exploring Malaysia for personal and school libraries. It’s very challenging to find children’s picture books about Malaysia, and this one will make a wonderful addition to any bookshelf! It would work well as part of a lesson about cultural diversity, geography, or family; dealing with anxiety over new experiences is also subtly explored in this dynamic picture book!

You will need to wait a little while to purchase – Available March 5.


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