I review children’s picture books as well as middle grade and young adult literature.

95% of the books I review feature one or more of the following: racially/ethnically diverse characters, LGBTQ characters, characters with disabilities, youth activism, social issues (environment, racism, homophobia), or social histories (LGBTQ, activist, African American, Latinx, ext.). I am very unlikely to review books that don’t check one or more of these boxes.

I prefer physical copies of materials, but understand sending books can be prohibitive. I will consider digital copies from self-published authors only. Contact me at: with questions.

My turn around time can be two weeks or six months. I blog to amplify books I want to see on more bookshelves, but it is unpaid labor that I do to complement my academic work about children’s literature. I do not provide any guarantees unless I’m participating in a blog tour.

I occasionally work with guest reviewers, and if you send a book for review a qualified guest reviewer may be assigned to it.

Stats: Blog 6000+, Twitter 6000+

Followers: My followers are educators, librarians, parents, scholars, and activists specifically interested in diverse, LGBTQ-inclusive, socially engaged literature.

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  1. Hi Jennifer.I have written a book called’ Let’s celebrate being different’. It covers social issues and scenarios for discussion by Lainey Dee .I would like a book review.Many thanks.Lainey


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