Karamo Brown’s I am Perfectly Designed (2019)

I Am Perfectly Designed

Written by Karamo Brown and illustrated by Anoosha Said, I am Perfectly Designed (2020) is a beautiful exploration of a father-son relationship. Said’s use of color sets the tone and the diverse characters she scatters across the page emphasizes the story’s moral of acceptance. The phrase “perfectly designed” repeats throughout the text as the father-son banter back and forth reflecting on their sweet relationship.

I am Perfectly Designed is a delightful bedtime story emphasizing love, affection, and familial support. It’s the perfect book for fathers to share with their sons, and is especially significant because it features an African American father and son duo navigating am urban landscape.

I’m sure this book will find a happy home on many bookshelves!

Karamo Brown, famous for his work on Queer Eye, shares information about his own family’s unique formation in his author’s bio. Explaining to children that every family, like every person, is unique and “perfectly designed” is a bonus take away parents can bring to story time!

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