Phyllis Rothblatt’s All I Want To Be Is Me (2011)

All I Want To Be Is Me

All I Want To Be Is Me (2011), written and illustrated by Phyllis Rothblatt, MFT, is a sweet book that affirms the value of gender diversity. Rothblatt uses brief vignettes with text taken from song lyrics as well as emotionally evocative images to communicate her celebratory message. Some of the racially diverse gender creative children depicted identify as transgender while others take a more ambivalent approach to gender identification. Continue reading

Lisa Blecker’s Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors

Lisa Blecker is the author and illustrator behind Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors, a silly and cheerful new picture book with an important message about kindness and inclusion. In this tale, a variety of fruits at a farmer’s market come to life. Although the fruit are very different, they all get along, and what they have in common is emphasized. The book’s celebratory message of acceptance is made accessible to even the youngest of audiences through bright illustrations and thoughtful prose. Continue reading