Elise Gravel’s You Can Be

You Can BeElise Gravel’s board book, You Can Be, subtly rejects gender stereotypes while introducing very young readers to a range of characteristics through images of diverse children embodying them.

Steely-blue and bright-red images leap off the glossy-white background of each page. The cover features the back of a young child with light-brown skin and long black hair running in a garden. It sets the tone for the text, welcoming young readers into the book to explore all the things they can be. Continue reading

The Beginning of Your Life Book Club

Episode 1 - Book ClubI love presenting my work on children’s literature at academic conferences. I never fail to meet amazing people who understand the importance of popular culture, including children’s books. I met Emily Akins at the Children’s Literature Association‘s Summer 2018 conference. Emily is an Editorial Director at Hallmark and in 2018 she won an award that provided her with a 6-month sabbatical from her job to pursue a personal project. Emily decided to research children’s literature and create a podcast: The Beginning of Your Life Book Club. She is already reaching a wide audience, but let’s help her reach even more people as invested in amazing children’s books as we are!