Demand Inclusive Children’s Culture, Get it from Flamingo Rampant

Flamingo Rampant is a small-press committed to producing racially and ethnically inclusive, feminist, and LGBTQ*-positive children’s picture books. The press was founded by S. Bear Bergman and j. wallace skelton. Over a dozen books are now available!

Flamingo Rampant is currently raising money through a Kickstarter campaign for their next set of six titles to be published August 2019.

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I have just reached 1100 followers on WordPress and 1000 followers on Twitter. I’m so happy!

I have been putting tons of work into RaiseThemRighteous! I love writing book reviews about my favorite children’s literature and am looking forward to expanding my blog to include reviews of #MG and #YA literature in 2019! Thank you to everyone who follows the blog. If you don’t, please take a look and follow for email alerts about new posts!

I’ve made amazing connections in the blogger and children’s literature communities on Twitter! I love serving as a first round @CybilsAwards judge for #EasyReader and #EarlyChapter books. And, I’m excited to review my first book for Multicultural Children’s Literature Day! If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, please do.

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The Beginning of Your Life Book Club

Episode 1 - Book ClubI love presenting my work on children’s literature at academic conferences. I never fail to meet amazing people who understand the importance of popular culture, including children’s books. I met Emily Akins at the Children’s Literature Association‘s Summer 2018 conference. Emily is an Editorial Director at Hallmark and in 2018 she won an award that provided her with a 6-month sabbatical from her job to pursue a personal project. Emily decided to research children’s literature and create a podcast: The Beginning of Your Life Book Club. She is already reaching a wide audience, but let’s help her reach even more people as invested in amazing children’s books as we are!

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I am working to spread the word about RaiseThemRighteous! I am on Twitter at @jlmiller516 and on Goodreads at! Please, follow me across platforms and share my blog with friends and family.

I’ve been posting socially engaged, diverse, and LGBTQ* #kidlit book reviews for about four months, and plan on adding middle grade and young adult literature to the blog in January!

I’m also a @CybilsAwards judge for easy readers and early chapter books – I love it! And, this year I’m going to be a Multicultural Children’s Book Day Reviewer for the first time. I love that these things exist and am so happy to participate!