Image result for six month blogoversary imageIt’s my SIX MONTH BLOGOVERSARY here at RaiseThemRighteous! I began reviewing racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ* inclusive, and socially relevant children’s picture books 6 months ago. Then, on January 1, I started reviewing middle grade and young adult books.

I didn’t have many goals for my first 6 months, but I did want to gain 1500 followers across two platforms. And, I did it! I have 1700+ blog followers and 1600+ Twitter followers. I am also on GoodReads.

I put a lot of work into the blog and am so happy it’s becoming a valuable resource for educators, librarians, and parents looking for detailed reviews of books for children and young adults.

I’ve been keeping busy! In 2018, I participated in the Cybils Awards as a Round One Judge for Easy Reader and Early Chapter Books. I really appreciated the opportunity to serve! Then, just a couple days ago, on January 25, I participated in Multicultural Children’s Books Day 2019 as a reviewer!

In the next six months, I am hoping to increase my followers to 2500+ followers on Twitter and another 2500+ on my blog. I think I can do it! I am also probably going to expand my social media presence by working on a Pinterest account. I think that may appeal to a lot of teachers.

Thank you so much for supporting my work at RaiseThemRighteous! If you have ideas for how to improve the blog, recommendations of books to review, or are interested in guest blogging, please email me at:

Thank you so much,




I am working on a book project tentatively titled The Politics and Poetics of “New” LGBTQ Children’s Picture Books. The book is about children’s picture books published in North America that feature LGBTQ themes and characters.

I am historicizing and contextualizing the production, distribution, and consumption of LGBTQ children’s literature by building an archive of news articles, existing research, and original interviews conducted primarily through digital correspondence. I am very interested in how gatekeepers like publishers may influence LGBTQ content in children’s picture books. Additionally, I am interested in how experiences publishing LGBTQ children’s picture books have changed over the last fifty years.

I am seeking the help of authors who have experience publishing LGBTQ children’s picture books. I have prepared a set of questions that will help me obtain information about your experiences self-publishing, publishing with a small press, or publishing with a larger established press.

I’ve been offered an advance contract by a major university press for this book project. I have published about LGBTQ children’s literature in the edited collection Heroes, Heroines, and Everything in Between as well as in The Journal of Homosexuality. I also teach about literature, writing, and gender studies at University of Texas at Arlington.

If you are an author who has written LGBTQ children’s picture books, please contact me at

I will send you a series of questions as an initial part of our correspondence. At most I will follow up once for clarification. Your help will enable me to create a rich history of North American LGBTQ children’s picture books!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

To Be Reviewed…

Now that publishers and authors are starting to contact me with review requests, I am building quite the pile. Here’s a look at the books I’ll be giving some #bookblog love to over the next week or so. I’ve already read them and I adore this pile! I have another stack at home and several books on NetGalley that I’m also working on!

book love

I am having so much fun discovering/reading/reviewing all of these diverse, inclusive, socially relevant books. There are some amazing writers and publishers out there putting important stories into the world. I appreciate the opportunity to help get those stories in the hands, heads, and hearts of readers!



Book Mail/Book Love

Book mail is one of my favorite things about blogging! I have stumbled upon some amazing publishers and authors creating important work that I am proud to add to my bookshelf and help promote!

If you are an author or publisher working on diverse, LGBTQ* inclusive, socially relevant books for children and young adults, please contact me!

I am happy to review and promote your work on my blog (1600+ followers), Twitter (1500+) followers, as well as on GoodReads and Amazon!