Christina Francine’s Mr. Inker Finds a Home

Christina Francine’s Mr. Inker Finds a Home is a young boy named Rafiq who receives a talking pen named Mr. Inker for his birthday. This Level 3 reader is, at its core, a story about friends old and new. Rafiq has recently moved to the US from Pakistan and misses his old friends. His new friend, Mr. Inker, encourages him to connect with them by writing letters.

In this time of physical distancing we can all use a reminder that connecting can occur in many ways. Francine’s book is timely in its message and welcome in its representation of a young Pakistani immigrant happy to be in America, but sad to be far from old friends.

Mr. Inker tells very bad jokes that made my five-year-old laugh a lot! It’s a fun and accessible Level 3 reader with a great message!

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