Vanita Oelschlage’s A Tale of Two Daddies (2010)

A Tale of Two DaddiesA Tale of Two Daddies, written by Vanita Oelschlager and illustrated by Kristin Blackwood and Mike Blanc, tells the story of a young girl and what life is like with her Daddy and Poppa. A friend asks her a set of questions about which dad has which role in her life, ie which makes breakfast, which coaches soccer, etc. She answers with either Daddy, Poppa, both, or neither. The questions and following answers are all told in rhyme, which is catchy for kids.

I have two boys and a husband, and it’s certainly true that we each have our “roles” in our children’s lives. There is no such thing as a typical family, but in any family, things have to get done. Laundry, shopping, chores, as well as taking care of illnesses, baths, and giving snuggles. This book clearly illustrates that it really doesn’t matter that she has two dads because she is clearly loved and taken care of in every way.

The only disappointing thing about this book was that you never really get to see her interacting with her dads in the pictures. You can see their legs or maybe an arm in a few of the illustrations, but most of them are of the girl and her friend or simple images like of a sun and a moon. I would much rather have readers see the two loving dads tending to their daughter’s needs, especially since this is a book aimed at younger readers, and pictures are a huge focus for them. Overall, a quick, easy book, but the impact is meaningful.

Review by guest contributor Kristy Elam. Kristy is an avid reader, former English teacher, current tutor and book editor, and a life-long learner. She is married and the mother of two amazing boys. She loves Harry Potter, Stephen King, own voices stories, and dystopian novels.

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