One Year Blogiversary!

Image result for blogiversaryIt’s my one year blogiversary!

I started RaiseThemRighteous a year ago with a review of Jessica Love’s Julian is a Mermaid.

It was about a month after I attended the Children’s Literature Association’s 2018 conference and I wanted to share my research about queer children’s picture books with a larger audience. At the conference I met with an editor from the University Press of Mississippi who was interested in publishing my work. I’ve since signed a contract with Mississippi and my book about queer children’s picture books should be out Spring 2021. As excited as I was, and am, to publish academic work, it’s also very important to me that I have an audience outside academia. I want this audience to include parents, educators, librarians, and of course, queer kids, who need the books I research and review! I’ve since reviewed over 100 queer children’s books all of which can be found on my blog under “Snapshots of LGBTQ Kid Lit.” I don’t just review LGBTQ children’s books! I also review books that foreground racial, ethnic, and religious diversity as well as books that engage social justice themes. I’ve reviewed nearly 200 books on my blog in just one year!

I’ve also been publishing my work in academic spaces including the Journal of Homosexuality. I also co-edited and contributed to a book project about digital culture, The Dialectic of Digital Culture. It’s been a busy year!

I’ll be continuing my blog project (and my book project) and hope it continues to be a useful resource that helps my readers identify books to  diversify their bookshelves! To help I will be giving away 4 of the diverse books I’ve reviewed! Check out the giveaway here.

Thanks so much for your support of this project! I appreciate all the follows as well as the authors and publishers who’ve reach out to share their wonderful work!



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