Brannen’s Uncle Bobby’s Wedding (2008)

Sarah S. Brannen’s Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, published in 2008 by G.P Putnams’s Sons, is DELIGHTFUL. The story focuses on Chloe, a little girl worried that her favorite uncle, Bobby, will have less time for her once he marries his partner, Jaime. The couple announce their engagement at a family picnic, and everyone is thrilled, everyone that is except Chloe. Chloe shares her concerns with her mom and later her uncle who explains she isn’t losing an uncle, she’s gaining one. Luckily, Jaime is as fabulous as Bobby.

I love this book. It’s very sweet and accessible. I especially appreciate the unequivocal celebration of queer love. The only issue I have is with the illustrations, which are fine, but I do not know what animal the main characters are supposed to be – gophers? IDK and I watch a lot of Wild Kratz with my three-year-old.

Used copies are widely available and quite inexpensive. Definitely worth adding to your LGBTQ kid lit collection!

This review is part of my “Snapshots of LGBTQ Kid Lit” project. I’m working on a book, The New Queer Children’s Literature: Exploring the Principles and Politics of LGBTQ* Children’s Picture Books, which is under contract with the University Press of Mississippi. Part of my research is identifying and interpreting English-language children’s picture books with LGBTQ* content published in the US and Canada between 1979 and 2019. Follow my blog to follow my journey!

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