Demand Inclusive Children’s Culture, Get it from Flamingo Rampant

Flamingo Rampant is a small-press committed to producing racially and ethnically inclusive, feminist, and LGBTQ*-positive children’s picture books. The press was founded by S. Bear Bergman and j. wallace skelton. Over a dozen books are now available!

Flamingo Rampant is currently raising money through a Kickstarter campaign for their next set of six titles to be published August 2019.

The Lamestream Publishing Industry

In an interview with The Queue, Flamingo Rampant co-founder S. Bear Bergman stated that mainstream publishers rejected his books because they couldn’t imagine a market for radically inclusive queer positive children’s literature. Miriam Zoila Pérez troubles the assumption of mainstream publishers in an article for Colorlines noting: “While it may be conventional wisdom that white kids won’t read books featuring people of color, and that boys won’t read books featuring girls, there isn’t much research actually supporting it–meaning we may be able to turn the tide by introducing kids to a wider range of stories at a young age.”

I started blogging at because I believe all children deserve books that reflect their lives and all children deserve books that don’t. As adults we are accountable to our children. We need to demand inclusive children’s culture of the quality Flamingo Rampant delivers.

Queer World Making

When asked by The Queue how being a parent influenced his writing choices Bergman responded: “I started to think, what does this do to someone’s dreamscape? What does it mean to populate their imagination with stories? I also became very aware of my worldbuilding. I didn’t want to create an alternate reality in which children would feel alienated, or that they wouldn’t be able to access.”

I love this so much. In my academic work I often describe children’s literature, especially LGBTQ* children’s literature, as a world making project. Books give children vocabulary and vision. We should treat children and their culture, a culture adults are largely responsible for making, with dignity and respect, while empowering them to be world makers themselves. Flamingo Rampant will help them dream big and encourage them to put positive things into the world today! I mean that, really I do, check out these titles!

Why Should I Donate or Pre-Order?

In an article for Plenitude: Your Queer Literary Magazine, DJ Fraser describes why Flamingo Rampant crowdfunds: “Crowdsourcing startup money let Bear actually pay his team of producers, something that is often missing from many independent publishing venues. An important part of Bergman’s vision was initially to reward his artists for their work, and not force them into artistic burnout with no return.”

Flamingo Rampant is putting such important work into the world! Let’s support them. You can donate to their Kickstarter campaign or pre-order their next set of 6 releases! These books make great contributions to classroom, school, or public libraries. We need to help put these stories into the world!



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