Bad Blogger

nwsaI’ve been a bad blogger lately.

I started RaiseThemRighteous because I wanted my work about LGBTQ* #kidlit to reach an audience beyond academics. And, it has! I’ve only been blogging for a little over 3-months and I already have 800+ followers on WordPress and 750+ followers on Twitter. I love it! Because I’ve had such an amazing experience blogging and only recently started to blog, I feel bad about taking time off so soon.

I promise I have good excuses! I teach many many courses at a DFW area university: World Literature, Graphic Memoir, Digital Culture, Popular Culture, and Technical Writing – oh my! This is a challenging point in my semester and I need to be present for students.

I am also presenting my work at #NWSA2018. I arrived in Atlanta on Thursday and leave Sunday. While here I’m running two panels and meeting two publishers to discuss turning my work into a book manuscript. It’s all very exciting and exhausting.

And, then there are the #CybilAwards!

I always bite off a lot, bit it’s almost never more than I can chew! I am going to recommit to writing picture book reviews next week. And, I plan on beginning to write reviews for socially engaged Middle Grade and Young Adult Literature beginning January 1!

I love this blog and all the support I’ve received from authors, bloggers, parents, and readers.

Keep following me and I promise to stop disappointing you soon!


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