Corey R. Tabor’s Fox the Tiger

Written and illustrated by Corey R. Tabor, Fox the Tiger, is an accessible story about a fox who wishes he was big, fast, and sneaky like a tiger. The fox, named Fox, reinvents himself with painted stripes and a new name – Tiger.

Fox’s transformation inspires his friends. Turtle becomes a race car and Rabbit changes into a robot. But, their new identities can’t stand up to the rain. Once the sky opens they change back into a fox, turtle, and rabbit.

A glum Fox is encouraged to find pleasure in his identity with the help of a squirrel who holds foxes in high regard. After hearing that the squirrel thinks foxes are big, fast, and sneaky, the attributes Fox admires in tigers, Fox decides he is happy to be a fox.

Fox the Tiger is a sweet story perfect for building reading competence and self-confidence in young readers who can extract the important lesson that the characteristics they admire in others are likely present in themselves.

Reviewed for the Cybils Awards 2018

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